Friday, 10 February 2012


Directed by Chul-soo Jang 
Written by Kwang-young Choi

Bedevilled. 2010. Photograph.,inc Web. 8 Feb 2012. <>

Okay, some background.  This is a crime/drama/horror film straight out of South Korea, 2010.  It is a longy, with a run time of 115 minutes.  Almost 2 hours.  If you can make it through the first 45 minutes, which I struggled to do, it is worth the watch. ON WITH THE REVIEW.

The movie centers around two child hood friends, both of whom grew up on an isolated island with only a handful of people.  One of the friends managed to get off the island and make a life for herself in Seoul.  In short, she is a selfish bitch.  The other friend is stuck on the island and is basically a slave to everyone on the island in every way your sick mind can think of.  Bad-situation friend is constantly trying to contact selfish-b friend for help.  Eventually, selfish-b friend goes back to island for a "vacation" and the fun begins.

At it's core, this is revenge movie.  Like an ULTRA revenge movie.  Which brings me to the gore synopsis.  You have to wait about an hour and fifteen minutes, but then it is gore galore.  Weapon of choice: scythe.  Lots of head rolling around on the ground and faces smashed in.  Yummy.

Alongside the revenge aspect, the movie is more about the character relationships - which can draaaaaggggg out- at times, but are ultimately essential to the story.  Bad-situation friend needs help, but absolutely no one will help-not even selfish-b childhood friend.  Bad-situation friend so badly wants someone to connect with; someone to treat her like a human being.  As the story goes, this does not happen.  Result: a bat-shit crazy south-korean woman with a scythe and an insatiable urge to kill everyone who has wronged her.

I feel this movie is more of a drama than a horror, because I found myself actually caring about certain characters and really hoping that someone would just show this woman some goddamn compassion.  Alas, I suppose that is where the scythe wielding comes in as an attempt to satisfy the viewer.  I;m not implying that it wasn't satisfying, I just feel as if something deeper was missing which would have made this movie that much better.

It is a somewhat emotionally complex movie which may come as a shock to the average horror fan, (omg, I have to think! AHHH)  Despite the drama genre embedded in this film I still feel that it is a better than average horror film, depending on whether or not you are willing to broaden your guts-n-blood-n-masked killer scope to encompass something a little more emotional.

Grade: B-

Moral of the Story: Be nice to people or they will murder your face with a scythe.


  1. Wow, I think I'm gonna watch this. I don't know when, but it's totally going on my list, it sounds.. interesting?!

  2. I would watch if not for all that nice gore stuff I dont like.

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  4. I spelled a word wrong up there. What eye sed wuz dat dey deserved ite.